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About TestPRO

TestPRO Limited was formed in 2005 by Neil Spibey and Tim Buss after the closure of the mechanical test facility at Areva Technology Centre, Stafford.

TestPRO Limited purchased the equipment and technology used by AREVA and benefits from the experiences gained over the last 30 years working for GEC, ALSTOM and Areva.

Our history dates back to the mid 1970's when GEC Stafford Mechanical Laboratory offered specialist expertise to the GEC owned Metro Cammell. Through the 1980's the renamed Engineering Research Centre continued to provide support within the new GEC-ALSTHOM partnership.

The 1990's saw amalgamation to ALSTOM, with Research and Technology Centre now serving ALSTOM Transport both sides of the Channel. Year 2000 heralded the demise of rail vehicle manufacture by ALSTOM Transport Birmingham and the "rescue" of other ALSTOM companies including ALSTOM Research and Technology by AREVA.

In early 2005 AREVA Technology Centre decided to concentrate on electrical engineering and closed the mechanical test facility.

TestPRO Limited was formed to carry on the mechanical activities of "the centre".

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