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Testing history

2010 Bogie Strain Gauge Measurement in Hong Kong for Mott MacDonald Hong Kong 2.pdf

2010 Coradia 180 Engine Vibration Track Test Coradia 180.pdf

2010 Coradia 175 Modified AR Bar Tests Coradia 175.pdf

2009 Track Test Measurement in Hong Kong for Mott MacDonald Hong Kong.pdf

2009 Northern Line shoe gear height and stresses by track test Northern line shoes.pdf

2008 Northern Line CBR measurement by track test CBR measurement.pdf

2008 Northern Line conductor rail height by track test Northern line conductor.pdf

2008 Thermal Imaging track survey on the Northern Line Northern line Track survey.pdf

2007 Class 390 Traction relay panel accelerations by track test Relay panel.pdf

2007 Class 390 Braided thermal tests in the enviromental chamber 390 Thermal.pdf

2007 Northern Line Linear Door bearings, operating measurements doors measurements.pdf

2007 LUL Northern Line dynamic track test to determine the levels of strain and acceleration experienced by the shoe beam LUL Northern Line.pdf

2007 Class 390 Pendolino vibration assessment class 390 pendolino 2007.pdf

2007 Vibration testing on a Brush hybrid ‘Hayabusa’ MkIII Coach Brush Hayabusa.pdf

2006 Class 334 Juniper vibration assessment of power electronics module. Class 334 vibration assesment.pdf

2006 Class 390 Pendolino vibration assessment of power electronics module.Class 390 pendolino vibration assesment.pdf

2006 Class 466 Mechanical testing. Class 466 Mechanical testing.pdf

2006 LUL Northern Line testing of a new drivers seat. LUL Northern Line testing of a new drivers seat..pdf

2005 Coradia 175 Mechanical testing. DMU rail vehicle component life assessment.pdf

2005 AREVA Testing of prototype assembly. Development of power transmission components.pdf

2005 LUL Northern Line/Jubilee line mechanical testing. London Underground vehicles.pdf

2005 LUL Northern Line Template design and build.

2004 LUL Northern Line development of trackside condition.

2004 Unitruck Bogie testing.

2003 LUL Central Line traction equipment failure investigation.

2002 Class 458 Juniper investigation into anti-roll bar mounting failure.

2002 Coradia 180 Investigation and redesign of yaw damper bracket.

2001 Coradia 175 evaluation of revised brake block design.

2001 Arlanda under-body structure.

2000 Eurostar 50HZ ICMU mechanical design and commissioning.

1999 Taiwan push-pull traction equipment.

1998 Eurostar Software testing and control.

1997 Class 465/466 traction motor mounting fatigue failure problem.

1992 MTR & KCRC aluminium bolster.

1990 Mk IV coach damper / stability.

1986 Class 91 locomotive trials (gearbox traction coupling and motor).

1984 HST Paxman Valenta engine development.

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Northern LineClass 175JuniperClass 180