Mechanical troubleshooting: We can look at a problem - catastrophic failure, unreliability or simply poor performance - and decide the best course of action to achieve a solution. Component material and suitability analysis can be carried out, usually followed by a test specification detailing the measurement strategy, leading to collection of data from which a failure mode analysis can be made.

Site based test work: The test work we offer is intended to be completely mobile and we would normally carry out measurements at a specified site with customer equipment in normal service operation. Alternatively work can be carried out in our laboratory.

Instrumentation: We use a wide selection of industry proven and custom designed instrumentation designed to allow flexibility in test design.

Measurement data analysis: We use internationally recognised software for analysis of our raw test data and can supply the reported results in a variety of formats to suit customers requirements.


Fatigue failure?Aluminium Bracket FailureStrain guaging a bogieClass 465